Masterclass “Effective communication with the public for scientists”

In a move to foster effective science communication and knowledge dissemination, the SPRINGBOARD project announces an upcoming masterclass designed for early-stage researchers from the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis. Thanks to the extension of the SPRINGBOARD project, this valuable seminar offers participants an opportunity to enhance their communication skills and make their scientific findings accessible to the wider public.

Titled "Effective communication with the public for scientists" this interactive seminar will explore the intricacies of communicating complex scientific information to diverse audiences, including those with no in-depth knowledge of the topic. The seminar will delve into essential questions faced by researchers: How does one effectively communicate research findings? How can researchers generate interest and facilitate meaningful discussions? What techniques can be employed to simplify intricate scientific concepts?

Key Learning Points:

  • Why it is important to talk about your research
  • How to build your identity as a scientist and what role does communication play in it
  • What are the main science communication challenges and how to overcome them
  • How to know your audience and deliver content accordingly
  • How to organize your ideas, thoughts and information
  • How to apply storytelling techniques to produce captivating content
  • How to create an effective science pitch to introduce your research
  • Can ChatGPT help with science communication

Participants can expect hands-on exercises focused on creating audience-friendly content, mastering storytelling techniques, and delivering compelling research pitches. The masterclass will empower attendees to construct individual communication plans, enabling them to effectively promote their research immediately.

The masterclass welcomes early career researchers, PhD and MSc students, and any scientists interested in honing their science communication abilities.